Thursday, January 6, 2011

Albie Espinola- Pal of Mine and a Modern Master

Last year, I wrote an article on about a friend of mine, Albie Espinola, whose art (specifically boxing-related) caught my eye. Albie is a British artist and fashion designer with an inimitable style and a flair for detail and long, long hours at the canvas. I just wanted to share his latest video, a time-lapse (I have to admit; Albie inspired me to do a variation of his theme with the Stereo Transmitted Disease video I posted last autumn) of a super-colorful rendering of a post-victory Manny Pacquiao celebration (complete with appearances by trainer Freddie Roach and Top Rank honcho Bob Arum!). After you check out this killer video (with an excellent, stylish, mash-up soundtrack made even cooler with ringside commentary), please click the link below the video to read my May 2010 article on this amazing talent!

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