Have Paw, Will Draw with Coyote Duran!

Hey, folks! Welcome to the "Have Paw, Will Draw with Coyote Duran" page! Here you'l find links to my new YouTube show which covers - what else?  - ART!

On "Have Paw, Will Draw," I cover everything from drawing lessons and materials to actual start-to-finish time-lapse drawings set to music! So, if you don't visit this page to get your "HWPD" fix, please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe (and don't forget to hit the tiny bell next to the "subscribe" button, so you can get alerts as soon as I post a new episode!

And remember: If you have a paw, you can definitely draw!

Episode Six: Pernell Whitaker (to Naughty by Nature's "Hip-Hop Hooray")


Episode Five: The Marvelous Marvin Hagler Time-Lapse/Pop Evil - "Be Legendary"


Episode Four: Facial Profiling!


Episode Three: Full Frontal Assault...In Your Face!


Episode Two: Copy That...The Trace Is On!


Episode One: The Intro


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