Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coyote Speaks to Independent Animator Jim Lujan!

It's not often that I get to talk to someone who combines my two loves, art and boxing, in his work but just last week, I was contacted by independent animator and artist Jim Lujan (, who wanted to share his latest video, "The Legend of Bobby Churro," with our fine readers at After watching the video, as well, as Jim's other great vids, I just had to reach out for a full interview and pick the mind of a true genius. So please take a look at Jim's latest about a journeyman fighter whose norm in life is to throw fights and how he deals with his final opponent. Will Bobby throw another fight or go out like a champion? I guess you'll have to watch and find out! Afterward, please click on the link below the video to read my feature on Jim at for the full scoop on how Bobby's story came about and how to enjoy more of Jim's work and where to find more of his hilarious videos!

Jim Lujan: When Boxing Meets Animation

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