Friday, October 3, 2014

ArtBar Aurora: Superman vs. Lex Luthor - the Death of Everything

As this month's ArtBar Aurora theme is "death," I present to you my offering of, well...death!

Now death can be perceived in myriad ways, so when I had a somewhat difficult time coming up with a visual concept, my girlfriend, Tracy - as always - was as helpful as could be. Her suggestion, Superman finally losing control and beating Lex Luthor to death, was as simple for me to render as it was for her to conceive.

However, I did want to take a certain throwback approach to the subjects and completely eschew their "New 52" versions, opting to draw the late-1970s/early-'80s versions of Superman and Lex, hence Luthor's old-school battle duds he's sporting as he bails this mortal coil.

When you think about it, the death theme permeates the piece (titled, "Oh, God...What Have I Done?") in a number of ways. Obviously Lex kicked the bucket but Superman's code of ethics also died. Just as well, were this a DC-sanctioned story, our innocence would have kacked too.

As for medium, I was all over the place, using Copic and Prismacolor markers, Prismacolor watercolor pencils, Sharpie and Faber-Castell white PITT artist pen on 14" X 17" Bristol Board (I also learned that combining art marker and watercolor pencil can be a major pain in the ass. As a result, any flaws can be very difficult to fix - and you might be able to notice some from the gate).

Truth be told, I almost felt a little Joe Kubert going on here after everything was said and done!

Next: my graphite rendering of WBA middleweight titleholder Gennady Golovkin!

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