Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jack Monroe: Nomad!

Comic book characters are fun to draw, especially if they're relatively obscure to anyone but the hardcore fan like my longtime pal, Joseph Pugh, who commissioned this pencil-only rendering of Jack Monroe, the third incarnation of Marvel Comics' Nomad.

Admittedly, there were two problems I had with this piece and they both had to do with me and no one or nothing else was to blame. First, I was inexcusably late in getting this commission to Joseph (for your patience, I thank you!). And while it was really fun to draw, I botched a couple of other tries at it, trying to make some sort of urban statement with surroundings. Had I gotten going when I should have, I would have had no problem but at some point, I wanted to focus on Jack himself.

And as I'm happily penciling along, I noticed when I tried hammering in some darks, my layout lead, a 4H, was still in my lead-holder (and old-school draftsman's fancy-schmancy, artsy-fartsy term for "pencil"). Sure, if I were inking the piece, the 4H would have been bitchen but this was specifically a pencil job. With my style, 2H or softer would have cut the mustard. Damn it all.

And that's why I had to fiddle with the brightness upon importing this piece in my laptop (trust me; the actual drawing looks neat).

So what have we learned today, Howlers?

1) When you score a commission - especially when it's one from a friend - get to work, dingleberry.

2) Pay attention to your lead situation.

Things will be a lot less dopier on your end. :)

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