Monday, February 24, 2014

The Shield's Roman Reigns as Superman!

As a reborn pro wrestling fan, it's been a lot of fun to get pulled back into the weekly WWE programs and experience the relatively new personalities performing today. Amid the cool-ass characters of Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, the Usos and the Wyatt Family prowls a six-man unit (really a three-man team but competition has always been referred to as a "six-man") called The Shield. The Shield, comprised of the unpredictable and wild current WWE United States champion Dean Ambrose and former WWE tag team champions Seth Rollins (the "architect" of the team) and Roman Reigns (the "powerhouse"), have become breakout stars and consider themselves a group which serves to eliminate "injustice" in the squared circle.

Furthermore, Reigns, has become somewhat a curious anomaly himself, garnering a serious following, even being bandied as a future world champion (rumors of The Shield eventually dissolving definitely help the fun in imagining the cool storylines involving the respective futures of each member of the team). What has made Roman Reigns my favorite WWE superstar are his air of intimidation, an "I'm cool and I know it" antihero attitude and one of his signature moves (the other being a leaping shoulder spear), the "Superman Punch."

Thus, the piece featured here, a comic-style sketch of Reigns in a Superman get-up, inspired by Kal-El's "The New 52" suit but with his "classic S" insignia (also considered a "shield" itself! Hey, that worked pretty well; didn't it?).

(Oh, lest I forget, the piece was done in Micron pen, Sharpie and Prismacolor watercolor pencil on sketch paper.)

And what timing! Today (one day after the "Elimination Chamber 2014" pay-per-view, in which the Wyatt Family emerged victorious over the "Hounds of Justice"), the WWE Network in is full effect. And you can count on seeing much more of Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose on the network for years to come.

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