Friday, February 7, 2014

Daryl Dixon ("The Walking Dead") vs. Boba Fett (the "Star Wars" saga)!

On the last episode of "Daryl Dixon vs. Boba Fett," we saw the penciled and inked versions of this piece, originally created to kick off a monthly series of "mini" sketch giveaways ( As you can see, here we have the finished piece, shrouded in darkness and under a harvest moon.

At first, I planned on throwing down the color in acrylic paints but since my insanely gorgeous girlfriend, Tracy gave me a set of Copic art markers for Christmas, I figured I'd give them a shot as well as using some of my Prismacolor markers as support. Some of the white accents were done with a Bic correction fluid pen. Now all that's left is to shoot this off to the Howler who offered up the most guesses, Mike Downie.

And now, it's time to fire up something new! Any suggestions - and commissions - are welcome! ;)

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