Sunday, October 6, 2013

What Say You, Sal and "Q"?

Anyone who cares to listen to my rambling tangents knows one of my most gripping addictions is listening to podcasts. My favorites (and those inspiring me to do my own sometime soon) are featured on the SModcast Network (, spearheaded by filmmaker/podcaster extraordinaire Kevin Smith, and I can barely go a week without listening to "Tell 'Em, Steve-Dave" (, hosted by Bryan Johnson ("Steve-Dave Pulasti," a recurring character from Smith's "View Askewniverse"), Walt Flanagan ("Walt the Fanboy," Steve-Dave's erstwhile lackey, who always punctuates Steve-Dave's rants with a stern, "Tell 'Em, Steve-Dave!," hence the title of the podcast) and Brian Quinn (member of improv comedy troupe The Tenderloins and co-star of truTV's "Impractical Jokers").

Every now and then, the boys will post something a little different, whether it's a "Best of..." show or podcast featuring members of TESD like "Space Monkeys" (a pod featuring Quinn, Johnson and Sal Vulcano, another member of The Tenderloins). Well, on September 30, 2013, Bryan and Walt took the week off to usher in the "What Say You?" podcast (a pod hosted by Quinn and Vulcano, described on its Twitter account, as "Two dudes just asking each other questions") in the TESD feed. As a fan of "Q" and Sal, how could I not listen?

During the show (rather funny in its free association and that's what one of the keys to making a podcast work), the boys mentioned not having a solid logo yet and put it out to their listeners that they'd like to see what we have to offer - hence my offering!

It isn't too detailed (as I rarely do logos. Plus I know other artists who just blow me away in that department!) but I've always been of the mindset is that simple equals effective. I used the colors of the Italian flag ("Q" and Sal are both of Italian heritage) and went with a "university-style" format.

So, help a huge SModcast/"What Say You?" fan out, Howlers! If you're out and about on the Twitter, shoot "Q" (@BQQuinn), Sal (@SalVulcano) and the show account (@WhatSayYouPod) some tweets and share my logo! Hey, what could it hurt?

Well, other than helping along the need for restraining orders but you get the gist...Thanks!!

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