Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Joe Palooka in Ink!

Since renowned ring announcer Joe Antonacci revitalized the "Joe Palooka" franchise with a revamped Palooka (actually a mixed-martial arts fighter named Nick Davis) last year, I wondered to myself what my version of Antonacci's cage-fighting fugitive would look like (and if you missed it before, here's my review of issues one and two of "Joe Palooka" from February of last year:

Well, as per usual, I went a little ink-heavy but (submitted for your approval, critique and/or derision), here's my comic book take on Nick Davis a.k.a. "Joe Palooka"! (8 1/2" X 11", Staedtler pigment liner on sketch paper) And if you dig comic books and MMA, make sure to check out "Joe Palooka" (now brought to you by IDW Publishing!) at comic book stores now!

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