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Christian Kane as Captain Marvel (Shazam)

Sketchbook Chronicles No. 6: Christian Kane as Captain Marvel (Shazam), Micron pen and Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on sketch paper, July 2016 by Coyote Duran
Sketchbook Chronicles No. 6: Christian Kane as Captain Marvel (Shazam), Micron pen and Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on sketch paper, July 2016, by Coyote Duran

Sketchbook Chronicles No. 6: Sometimes, if I'm feeling highly productive, I really enjoy knocking out sketches of things like pro wrestlers, superheroes or boxers. That idea begat my "Sketchbook Chronicles." Nothing fancy-schmancy or high-level artsy-fartsy. Just good clean fun meant to keep me sharp and fuel my imagination. (I might be a grown-up but I'm still a kid at heart; you know.)

So, I give in to my dopey whimsies from time to time and create what my imagination asks me to. With that comes my latest piece, an ink rendering (notice I didn't say, "a quick sketch"? It drives me nutzoid when a VERY talented artist - and I'm not saying that condescendingly; I swear - coughs up a beautiful piece on the Instagram, then refers to it as a quick sketch. You don't have to bullshit me, kids. It's worth letting one and all know your work takes time. Other than that, it only makes you sound like one of those folks who does or presents something monumental and caps it off with, "No big deal." Ugh) of my absolute favorite superhero, Captain Marvel. (Micron ink pen and Pentel Pocket Brush pen on sketch paper. And no, this is the real Captain Marvel, not DC Comics' imitation called "Shazam." I'm sorry but current main continuity Cap, these days, killed the real deal in 2011.)

However, I wondered what he - and the rest of the Marvel Family - would look like based on established Hollywood types. With Cap's sister Mary Marvel, I thought Danielle Panabaker (of the "Friday the 13th" remake, "The Crazies, and the CW's "The Flash") would make a fantastic reference or would even be a terrific Mary on the big screen. I looked at Chandler Riggs (of "The Walking Dead") as the perfect Freddie Freeman/Captain Marvel Jr. and for the good Captain himself, actor/country singer Christian Kane (of "Leverage" fame).

Mind you, few renderings are perfect without previous attempts, hence my latest Instagram go-round, which looked like Christian Kane and John Travolta's love child:

#SketchbookChronicles No. 6: If there's anything that drives me nuts about some #artists, it's the whole "quick sketch" claim many of them post on @instagram. Unless it's gestural or some sort of underdrawing framework, I'm not buying that your ode to Da Vinci took five minutes to bang out. That said, here's a palate cleanser (I'm between #paintings) featuring my favorite #superhero, #CaptainMarvel (some call him #Shazam these days. Not me, pal. I don't recognize the #New52 version). This is NOT a quick #sketch whatsoever and I like it that way. Yeah, it's just #ink thus far but I really enjoy making certain that all my bolds are hammered in. And this version of Cap is based on one of my favorite actors/singers. Once I'm finished, you might be able to recognize him. Now off to refill my #coffee cup, Howlers! #Micron #Art #Artist #ArtLife #CoyoteDuran #Illustration #Drawing #Portrait #DCComics #Comics #ComicBooks #BlackAndWhite #BillyBatson
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Yeah, I had to start over. But now, Cap looks like an amalgam of Christian Kane and Tim Matheson. Oh well. I like it and I still had fun. Maybe next time, I'll crank out something a little more detailed. :)

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