Monday, January 18, 2016

A 'Drink and Draw' ink sketch of Spider-Man

Spider-Man, ink in sketchbook

Sketchbook Chronicles No. 5: I know it's been a long time but, I figured, between larger portrait projects, I'd knock out some light-comicky stuff. Here's my latest entry in the "Sketchbook Chronicles," Spider-Man, done mostly during our family "Drink and Draw" (every Saturday night at the Coyote Den. If you're into creating art or sketching like the Coyote Clan, I also encourage you and yours to make this part of your weekly routine also! I mean, don't feed booze to the little ones or the teetotalers. Give them juice, soda and/or chocolate milk!). I know the ink is a little light in some areas but this is something I'm planning on coloring (I'll post that separately!), so those light inked areas will get squared away then. This was done mostly in Micron pen with a little bit of Pentel Pocket Brush Pen here and there.

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