Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney in graphite!

A portrait rendered in graphite on 10" X 13" Bristol Board

No matter what, one of the greatest, most fun things about creating art is the ability to give it freely to someone you care about.

Luckily, I got that chance as my nephew (by marriage), Zack Van Dyke - one of the greatest Disney-philes/aspiring Imagineers I've ever known - turned 23 on Sept. 26. And being that I rarely give my art as gifts (and why, I have no clue. It's easy, fun and really makes people feel good when they receive something meant for them and ONLY them), this latest piece is particularly special.

That said, I don't work in soft Ebony pencil graphite much but this piece (10" X 13" on Bristol Board) called for it. It had to show a modicum of class and reverence to the era in which Walt operated and it had to be fun and whimsical. I think I pulled that off. It also doesn't have to be hyper-photorealistic either. Were I Alex Ross, Felipe Massafera or Norman Rockwell, I would worry about that sort of thing. But I'm not.

And I'm perfectly OK with that.

After all, imagination has no guidelines, right? Just sketch or draw or paint or create, man. And be happy while you do it. You might wind up creating something really a mouse in short pants who rules the world. :)

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