Sunday, July 26, 2015

Steve Cunningham AKA "USS" in ink

Sketchbook Chronicles No. 5: This installment features the creator and star of the upcoming "USS Comics," Steve "USS" Cunningham. You might not know this but the former world cruiserweight champion/current heavyweight contender has been a life-long artist and comic book fan and came up with the concept of a high-energy, yet family-friendly, comic a few years ago. But when it came time to make the art and story a reality, Steve asked Yours Truly for a helping hand. Since we're both artists and storytellers, it just made sense to join forces and makes something really cool.

Now Steve has drawn a heap of cool scenes for the official website but this is my shot at a character sketch. And by no means is this a competition; it's merely another point of view. I truly believe our contrasting styles in art alone will make this book a true winner (by the way, this sketch was completed with Micron pen and Faber-Castell brush pen).

Stay tuned, Howlers!

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