Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fight Owens Fight! Kill Steen Kill! (in ink!)

When NXT champion Kevin Owens (real name Kevin Steen) showed up on last week's episode of "Monday Night RAW" to interrupt United States champion John Cena's open title challenge, WWE fans everywhere marked out like you wouldn't believe (trust me; I'm one of them). So how could I not be inspired to commit ink to my sketchbook in its third entry, Kevin Owens himself? Sure, I might not be able to deliver a pop-up power bomb to the leader of the "Cenation" but the leader of the "Creation Nation" can do an ink study of the hot-tempered Canadian, who never fails to excite the WWE Universe with his brutal antics.

This particular piece might look a speck choppy but that's because I tried different pens with different results. My initial detail inking was done with a size 01 Micron and I continued filling in the larger areas with a larger Micron (05) to attempt consistency. Well, that proved time-consuming, so I went with my large Faber-Castell brush pen (Black 199) but the coverage was too light. I decided to do another layer of brush pen black to darken what I had already laid down and eliminate stroke marks. From here on out, I'll continue using the large brush pen to fill in the larger areas (and also break out my brand-new Pentel pocket brush pen I scored yesterday from Blick Art Materials. The closest was in Wheaton, Il. but damn well worth the drive!). The little, "Terminator"-style gleam in Owens' left eye? A single drop mark of Bic "Wite-Out" correction fluid.

"Fight Steen Fight!" or "Kill Steen Kill!"? Why not both? I hope you dig it!

Oh, if you love pro wrestling/sports entertainment, make sure you tune in to NXT every Wednesday on the WWE Network. If you don't, you're seriously missing out.

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