Sunday, April 6, 2014

ArtBar Aurora: My Bijou

Hiya, Howlers! Well, my second "ArtBar" excursion (at Two Brothers Roundhouse on Friday, April 4th) is in the books and this month's topic was just as fun and inspired: posters.

When it came time to consider what I would render for this show, Tracy gave me some very valuable input inspired by her morning ritual prior to going to work. The premise: "What if someone was doing her best to put together her exterior in the midst of experiencing an emotional low?" Heavy, right? But it's a good point. Basically, the young woman (my Tracy served as my photo reference, exaggerated of course) depicted is spinning her wheels in applying her mascara while fighting her emotions off.

Thus the quote at the top of the piece (apologies if the French isn't quite accurate or if I've misspelled something) translates to "Defeating the purpose, emotions prevail." And because this was originally bandied as having to do with applying mascara - and coming off somewhat as a fictional cosmetics company - I used a photo of Tracy's style of wand for a reference and we thought the brand-name "Bijou" would be perfect (incidentally, Queen's "Bijou" is a song that has a lot of personal meaning for us as a couple. I know; it's mushy but I don't give a damn), hand-rendered in an art deco-style font.

With that, as a stylish-yet-faux company goes, having artsy-fartsy locations near the bottom of the poster seemed like the thing to do and three cities we love were the choices I went with.

As far as media, this was done primarily in watercolor paint, Copic markers and a speck of Prismacolor watercolor pencil and acrylic paint on 11" X 17" Bristol Board. 

Next month at "ArtBar": "geek"! Oh, the things one can do with that topic!

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