Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hey, I Made the Hometown Paper!/Blogging Made Simple for the Masses...

So last month, I received an email from Joy Davis, a freelance writer from my hometown paper, the Beacon-News. Joy came across the very website you're reading (being an actual blog site courtesy of and contacted me about featuring me in her column, "Blog Log." Needless to say, I jumped at the chance (incidentally, I'm an avid reader of "Blog Log." It's interesting, inspiring and encouraging to read about all the local cats and chicks doing really hip things in their - and my - community and in turn, I encourage you to shed up a cool blog/site too to tout something you're passionate about). I mean, it's one thing to do neat things and get recognition by those in your community (hard work and a lot of shameless promotion helps, Howlers) but it's really cool to show folks in your neck of the woods that you're doing something noteworthy, even if the things you do cater to a niche audience (and some folks in my community didn't even realize I have the good fortune to do what I do).

And you can do this. If a nimrod like Yours Truly can hawk some pretty pictures and a few anecdotal tidbits every now and again, you definitely can do this. Hey, all it takes is a hobby, something to share and/or say. Site hosts like Blogger and WordPress gain new users every day. And with a little scratch, you can even get yourself your own snazzy domain name. Mine costs $10 a year via through Blogger, therefore I've been running this very site for $30 since January of 2010 (I can't make up stuff like this). And the smartest of celebrities aren't above watching their pennies either when it comes to creating a worldwide home for their work on the Worldwide Web. Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park ( and TV personality Ross Mathews ( use WordPress and Blogger, respectively. See? You can garner fame, acclaim and a whole buttload of money through very creative (and legal!) means and still not be too rich and famous to save a few bucks. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Anyway, if you're a noob to the Creation Nation groove (or you haven't visited the link to the Beacon-News article yet), here's the link for you to enjoy:

It's kind of a short read but anyone who knows how the internet works realizes that catering to short attention spans is key for the success of any online article. I did answer quite a few questions so I do feel sorry for Joy, who was probably tearing her hair out trying to whittle this down to something non-Homer-esque (the Greek poet, not the Simpson. Again, I'm really sorry, Joy!). I don't know if it's kosher with her but if it is, maybe I'll print the full Q&A here sometime in the near future. As an editor myself, I know how publishing rights work so I might not be allowed to so I can't promise you anything (and it might put you to sleep anyway)!

Oh, and last but not least, as of today, the Blog Log featuring the Creation Nation has gained 128 Facebook "likes" from the page itself. Nothing I've ever posted, between articles I've written at or posts for this site and their companion links at the Facebook "Howlers" page (, has ever gained this many "likes." For that, I'm so grateful and very, very humbled.

That said, I admit some of my thunder was stolen by the taco truck handing out free vibrators in Chicago on "Black Friday" (see below). Apparently, the buzz was too great.

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