Monday, August 8, 2011

Iron Man Makes a New Friend (Inked Version)

So around the time I conceived my Madman piece, I was doing all sorts of other superhero scenes (some you might see here in the near future!) and thought I'd have a little fun with a hero who's gained a lot of steam in recent years (thanks to a couple of really outstanding movies), Iron Man. I've always been a big fan of his classic red and gold armor, as opposed to keeping up with one of his many changes over the years (guy has more wardrobe issues than the Wasp, I tell ya...that's for the Marvel nerds). Originally, I did this piece with a mountain range and clouds in the background but as I looked back, the mountains just weren't doing it for me, detail-wise (I think I lazied my way through them). There was really no valid depth or authenticity to them, at least in my eyes. However, I wanted to share this piece but I figured I'd simplify it a little and make it more about Iron Man meeting his new friend, a slightly surprised bald eagle. I fully inked the eagle and Iron Man (with my trusty Staedtler pigment liners), then scanned the drawing into my laptop so I could open it in Photoshop. From there, I'd clone out the background and feature our two main characters. I think it still works because the two provide context of location (the sky) for each other.

From here, I'll now color the fully inked and simplified image by hand, which I'll post as soon as I'm finished! Stay tuned and enjoy!

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