Monday, May 2, 2011

Knockout of the Year...

President Barack Obama KO3 (third year of his term) Osama Bin Laden: I was working on some various Photoshop projects for a friend and I couldn't resist. Sue me. :) This knockout's for all those who lost their lives during this douchebag's campaign of terror. It's for the families they left behind, the first responders we lost and the bravest of the brave who sacrificed- and continue to sacrifice- so much to get the job done, whether it's our military, police or firefighters. Some Americans might not agree with this crappy little Photoshop scenario but you have the right and freedom to disagree. The result remains the same. Terrorism might not be done for by a long shot but the world is a little nicer of a place now.

Oh, and though this image is based (Who am I kidding? This is totally rejiggered) on the "Phantom Punch" which Muhammad Ali "landed" on Sonny Liston in their World Heavyweight Championship rematch on May 25, 1965, THIS punch actually landed...

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