Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quien Es Mas Macho? Lupe Contreras, THAT's Who!

A while ago, I considered buying a t-shirt press so I could sell wearable art. Well, the money was never really there but before I temporarily dismissed the idea, I talked to one of the hippest (and one of my two favorite) ring announcers in the world, Lupe Contreras, the last time he worked the fight scene in Chicago. I proposed a t-shirt idea for Lupe (I mean, c'mon...who's mas macho than Lupe himself?) for his legion of Lupe-maniacs and he proposed an "I Love Lupe" logo. You know, like "I Love Lucy" (Yeah, yeah, I know. You ain't stupid)? I thought it was a pretty kick-ass idea. See, Lupe's no stick-in-the-mud but a really open cat who digs his fans and boxing fans in general. And his fans dig him equally! So I created one anyway. If I do get into t-shirt sales (Never say never!), I'll make sure Lupe (The Mexican George Clooney..."Cloopé") gets his merch opportunity. :)

(Incidentally, Lupe saw the logo and said, "Sounds like a really bad sitcom on [Spanish-language cable network] Mun2!")

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